Are you disconnected from your intuition?


What is intuition?

According to the dictionary, intuition is having the ability to have complete clarity about something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. It’s something that is instinctive to us all, but there are so many times where we find ourselves in situations asking, “Why didn’t I listen to myself?” 

We are not listening to ourselves because we are over stimulated and distracted with too many day to day tasks and responsibilities. Is the system designed to keep us disconnected from ourselves? If God is described as being omniscient and perfect in knowledge, and we are made in his image, does this mean that our intuition is a sign that we are perfect in knowledge as well?

How do we even begin to truly listen and obey our intuition?

Becomming Aware

My intuition has always had a very strong presence for as far back as I can remember. I’ve always been deeply connected to myself. Being an only child, an introvert, artist and a pisces, I found many moments where I was alone and connecting with myself.

Solitude allows you to cut out distractions and raise your level of self awareness. Your subconscious is always gathering information and investigating situations with out you even knowing. When it detects something isn’t right, it alerts you. We often ignore it because we can’t put our finger on what it is trying to tell us or we don’t trust it, but when you get that feeling that something is wrong, just trust it.

In a documentary about Malcom X, his team said that the day that Malcom X was killed, he told his team that he could feel his death was coming that day. His intuition gave him a clear understanding of what was going to take place. I’m sure it wasn’t a matter of him not caring, but more so along the lines of praying there was a chance that the feeling would turn out to be wrong.

As a child is to do as a mother tells him or her to do, we should do as our intuition tells us to do.  Imagine having the ability to have complete clarity in everything you do, all of the time. The beautiful part about this, is that you already have this gift, all you have to do is learn to obey it.


There is extreme power in solitude. If you are constantly being over stimulated and distracted then how do you expect to give your intuition full attention or recognize it when it is alerting you?

tap inward

Meditation allows you to learn both your body and your mind and according to neuroscience, being creative is also beneficial.

Creativity is like strength training for your brain. When you are creating, no matter what it is, you are generating constant ideas within your brain and critically evaluating them. 

Now imagine the benefits of creating in silence. Just you and your intuition.


Pay attention to yourself and learn your own behaviors. Learn where you carry stress in your body. What does your body feel like when you ask yourself certain questions?

Are you completely aware of self?



Those who are silent, self effacing and attentive become the recipients of confidences.

-Thornton Wilder




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