South America

Places i visited in south america!

South America, so rich with culture and beautiful scenery! I’ll definitely be going back to see every inch of South America!

South America

the home of amazon RAIN FORESTS

South America is definitely for the socialite and the foodie!! So far, I have only had the opportunity to visit Colombia but all you need is one visit before you are hooked! South America is full of culture, flavor and some of the most colorful attractions!

If you love music and dancing then you are in for a treat because music and dancing is a big part of the culture all over South America. This place has beautiful beaches and a number of water activities that you can take advantage of such as dinner cruises and trips to private beaches. 

I’m excited to share my experiences with you and I will be visiting South America many more times to bring you even more reviews! Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy!

Places I’ve Visited in south america

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer.” – Unknown

all photos taken by

Kira Lane – Photographer