Stolen or lost passport

How you handle an emergency situation while out of the country has a lot to do with how prepared you are. What will you do if you lose your passport or get pick pocketed? My cousin and I were in Rome and we learned the hard way. It was the day before we were supposed to fly from Rome to Germany, when we decided to take the train around for our very last day in Rome. We purchased tickets and stood in line to catch the train. When the train arrived, a large group of teens boarded the train and then turned around and got off the train. Something didn’t feel right because everyone was in a rush, but we couldn’t figure out what was wrong and continued. Halfway to our destination, my cousin realized that her passport and wallet had been taken right out of her purse.  

What do you do if this happens? Before you travel to any new city, make sure you know where to go to get a temporary passport. I like to get the address of every American Embassy in each city, but not every city will have an American Embassy, so make sure you know how to get a temporary passport in each city you stay in. Most places will charge about $250 US Dollars to give you a temporary passport so make sure you have that set aside in case it happens to you. If your passport becomes stolen or lost, make sure you go straight to the police station to file a police report, because that will help you when trying to get a temporary passport. 


The US Government provides us with many different travel alerts and warnings. I like to check them before I chose to travel to a new location. They will tell you what places are safe and what places are not safe for Americans to travel to. It will also tell you other information, such as what crimes are taking place in the city you are visiting, so make sure to click below and check the travel advisories before you book your trip!

Travel Advisories



If you need the police while you are in another country, you will want to know how to call them. Not every country uses 911 to call for help, so make sure you know how to call them if needed. I have provided a short list of emergency numbers listed below.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Kira lane

Creative Director

DIAL 112 in:

All of Europe



South America & CARIBBEAN Islands

Brazil 190

Chile 133

Colombia 123

Cuba 106

Guyana 999

Haiti 114

Jamaica 119

Trinidad 999


Afghanistan 119

Bangladesh 999

Cambodia 117

China 110

Hong Kong 999

India 100/112

Indonesia 110

Iran 110

Iraq 112 or 911

Israel 100

Japan 110

Korea 110/112

Lebanon 999/112

Maldives 999

Malaysia 999

Mongolia 105

Nepal 100

Pakistan 15/115

Singapore 999

Sri Lanka 119

Thailand 191/911

Arab Emirates 999

Uzbekistan 102

Vietnam 113

Yemen 194

Dial 911 in:






Cayman Islands

Costa Rica

Dominican Republic


El Salvador



North America




Puerto Rico

Saudi Arabia