HEAling your inner child with travel

 When you are hurting and you seek healing for the soul, I would recommend that you try every avenue possible to find comfort and help. I can’t tell you the things a psychologist can, such as why you feel the way you do, but I can share with you some of the things that has helped me stay strong through some very trying times.

One thing about me is, I am always smiling. Smiling is the greatest of all masks but underneath this smile lies a lot of broken pieces that I’ve had to pick up and put back together. I feel like I possess a tremendous amount of internal strength and it’s something I’d like to share with the world in hopes that I can inspire others to be just as strong.

They say that how we react to issues in our adult life is a result of things we experienced as a child. If that is true, then we cannot be happy until we address our unwanted actions which can be anger, anxiety, sadness or fear. Whether you attempt to address it on your own or with a counselor, either way it’s something you should do and here is how you can use travel to help you heal.


  1. Take a trip to your home town. Visit all the places you used to visit as a child, the neighborhood you grew up in, the school you went to, the corner store you and your friends used to walk to or the park where you used to play with your friends. You may even still live where you grew up and if so, take a day to visit those places. Try to relive some of those happy memories you had as a child. Go to those places and have a heart to heart with your inner child.
  2. Take your inner child on a trip around the world! During these travels, it’s very important that you nurture yourself and care for yourself as if you are a child that are were responsible for. It’s important that you embrace these travels in a healthy way and stay away from toxic behaviors while healing. 
  3. There are many retreats around the world that offer spiritual healing. Sedona, Arizona and Thailand are known for having some of the best retreats that help tread depression, anxiety, anger and pain. Some of these places even specialize in inner child workings.
  4. Taking a trip itself can help you connect with your inner child. To be completely away from all responsibilities for a week or two can allow you to do childlike things. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a new place and rent a bike. I will ride that bike for 12 hours or more non stop, with my hair in the wind and not a care in the world.
  5. Maybe even a good old fashioned trip to Disney Land or a famous theme park can help you get in touch with your inner child to create more childlike memories. Take a long time friend from school with you so you can reminisce on the things you guys used to laugh about as children.

Which ever you choose to do, it’s important that you get away and spend some alone time with your inner child. Taking a trip can be the best time to do that! Go somewhere that is completely relaxing or somewhere where you can be a kid again, but remember in order for it to help you heal as an adult, it must be free from all things that are toxic. 


Kira Lane

“The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain is the key to transforming anger, sadness and fear.” – Thich Nhat Hanh