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What type of traveler are you? I have identified four types of travelers:


The Business Traveler, this person is focused on the quickest way to get from A to B. Uber on the phone in one hand and a tight schedule in the other. Dining in most likely all the five star restaurants. Places with good WiFi connections, updated technology and quiet rooms for conference calls may be a high priority for the business traveler.

The Vacationer, this person is looking to relax, lay on the beach and escape life. This person will most likely rent a car, visit all the tourist spots and dine at all the famous locations. Famous day spas, boat cruises, water falls and meditation retreats can be very appealing to the vacationer.

The Explorer, this person is traveling to learn and loves to explore unfamiliar areas. The explorer can be an adventurer at times but mostly wants to mingle with the locals, walk through the city, eat street food and experience the culture. Hiking, snorkeling, biking and sailing can also be enjoyable activities for this person.

The Adventurer, this person is a risk taker looking for a great thrill. They like to engage in exciting activities like zip lining, surfing, parachuting, hang gliding, wild nights and enjoy daredevil experiences. They most likely want to eat at places that dare you to eat more than you can handle.

You might even be a little bit of all four, but no matter what type of traveler you are, I’ll have tips that will inspire you to travel and help you reach your travel goals. The icon next to each type of traveler will indicate whether or not that place is a great place for that type of traveler or not.

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My job is to make sure you have the experiences you desire. From quick get a ways, to long relaxing vacations, my expertise and understanding of how traveling touches hearts and minds will give you the best tips and advice on how to get the most out of your trips.


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I provide traveling tips and so much more.

It takes a special person with a knack for adventure and curiosity to explore, to give you the best advice. That’s what I do. I travel the world, looking for the best experiences to share with you.



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I have traveled to locations such as Hawaii, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Amsterdam and More. I also have a long list of other locations I will be visiting soon!


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For those looking to visit the U.S, I will be giving reviews on all of the top U.S Cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Portland, Miami and more.


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I will provide reviews of tourist attractions so you get the most out of your trips, tell you where the best places are to eat and give you tips on how to get around cities and advice on where to stay.



The main goal of this website it to share my experiences with you in order to help you navigate through your own travels. 

This is also an interactive website, I want to hear about your experiences and insights. You can choose to “Explore a new place” at the top of the website and comment on any one of my reviews to tell me about your own experiences.

If you send me your travel photos you can also be featured on my website and if you send a picture of you at one of my “Treasure Hunt” locations you could win a feature or prize. 

In the near future I will also offer travel merchandise and more, so don’t forget to come back and visit!

Because my goal is to inspire you to get out and see the world, I take pride in providing you with the best reviews, so please stay a while and check them out!

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I offer a specialized approach to traveling, capturing intimate details that are ordinarily overlooked by the average traveler. I travel for business as well as for adventures, exploring and vacationing. Most of my time is spent walking from one end of the city to the other in order to explore the culture.

My years of experience has given me an opportunity to help others find ways to save money while exploring.


No matter the reason for your traveling adventures, I will be your guide at helping you navigate through each city. Let me inspire you to travel!


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