It means working on yourself and tapping in to yourself to reach your maximum potential emotionally, physically, financially, romantically and spiritually.

It means knowing yourself by identifying both your strengths and your weaknesses. Then coming up with a plan that will help you balance the two and achieve greater levels of success.

It means making an agreement with yourself and dedicating yourself to taking better care of yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest self possible.

Last, but not least, it means finding the right people who can help inspire you and help you M.O.VE mental blockages out of your way, that may be causing you to hold yourself back.

  Hi, I’m Kira Lane and here you will find my vision, purpose, style and passion.

MY VISIon and purpose

My purpose in this life time is to learn how to genuinely connect with myself and the divine. I also want to help steer others to do the same. My vision for this website is to not only help myself and others connect with self, but let’s teach each other and help each other reach our highest selves possible. A lot of us are really disconnected from who we are, where we came from and what we should be standing for, but with a little focus and a lot of self discovery, we can learn how to build ourselves up and add more meaning and substance to our lives.


I’m determined. I’m open minded. I’m Optimistic. I take risks that force me to push past fears, self doubt and other peoples opinions. I’m focussed on creating the opportunity for myself to live life how I want to live it and if I’m not happy with how it’s going, I switch lanes and re-navigate myself. I’ve learned to open up and expand my awareness so that I can see more angles and this applies to almost everything in life. I pride myself on expanding my awareness and I love listening to and seeking out new perspectives in order to grow.


I’ve very passionate about creating my own path in life. I’m somewhat of a rebel and I’m never pleased with status quo. I’m passionate about lifting other peoples spirits up and inspiring others to reach for success. I’m passionate about fulfilling my purpose and making real contributions to this world and I’m passionate about helping others find their truth.




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