It means working on yourself and tapping in to yourself to reach your maximum potential emotionally, physically, financially, romantically and spiritually.

It means knowing yourself by identifying both your strengths and your weaknesses. Then coming up with a plan that will help you balance the two and achieve greater levels of success.

It means making an agreement with yourself and dedicating yourself to taking better care of yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest self possible.

Last, but not least, it means finding the right people who can help inspire you and help you M.O.VE mental blockages out of your way, that may be causing you to hold yourself back.

  Hi, I’m Kira Lane!

MY purpose

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve felt like it was my purpose to inspire others to reach for their highest self possible. I went on to experience so many different lessons and experiences throughout my life that it became clear, helping people overcome obstacles in order to succeed in life is part of my assignment here on earth. So many of us are struggling with internal conflicts that are holding us back from reaching the success we desire. A lack of support mentorship and/or resources can also hold us back.

MY passion

While working in the corporate world, I discovered that my strongest asset was my leadership style. I’m passionate about motivating and encouraging others to go after what they desire and become the best they can be. I’m passionate about leading others to reach their highest self possible, excel in the workplace and/or start that business that they have always wanted to start. I’m also extremely passionate about art and business, so why not put them all together?

my vision

My vision for this platform is to provide you with the motivation, mentoring, support, leadership and resources that you need to reach your highest self possible.

I want to lead by example and connect you with others who will help make your dreams a reality whether that is bettering your personal life, climbing the corporate ladder or building the empire you’ve always dreamed of building.




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Coming Soon!