Model: @Akazi Make-Up by Kira Lane


“If we were made in the image of our creator, then it must be true that we are all creators.” – Kira Lane

IT’S TIME to create

art by kirazlane inc

According to the National Youth Council of Ireland, creativity opens our hearts and doors to our mind. It brings us to hidden parts of ourselves we never knew existed.  It can also help you capture ideas, thoughts and visions about the world.

Who is Kira Lane? I am a woman dedicated to tapping in to my full potential. In order to achieve this, I have had to do some very deep diving within.  I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to just live in this life, I want to experience it. 

I want to push myself to reach levels in life that I never thought were possible. In the end, I want to say that I followed my heart, pushed myself to reach my highest potential the best that I could and inspired others to do the same.


As an only child, I spent many nights sitting alone drawing. I wasn’t born knowing how to draw, it took practice. It took many nights of sitting with self to learn how to tap in to that creative mind. Scientists say that tapping in to your creativity takes numerous connections between your left and right brain in order to activate your creativity. 

I truly believe that if you are not doing the work to tap in to yourself and activating both sides of your brain then you may never reach your full potential. 

According to the EOC Institute (Exploration of Consciousness Research Institute), integrating both hemispheres of your brain and allowing them to work in sync, you will experience an increase in overall mental health, enhancing cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning. 

I hope to inspire others with both my art and my inspiring words.  You don’t have to create art in order to tap in to your creative side, but  you are a CREATOR and your first duty is to create the life that YOU truly want!

I hope to inspire you!


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