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Interior Design

Interior decorating can be very stressful and come with a lot of costly mistakes while going through trial and error concepts. I spent a lot of money on curtains that I contemplated over for months before deciding I no longer wanted them. Needless to say that it was too late to retrieve my money back. If I could do it all over again, I would have planned it out! 

Another struggle was learning how to decorate an open space concept. Where do I hang my decor? Then do I choose an industrial style? Modern style? Victorian style? It was a lot to think about so I decided to just stare at a room and/or wall and go with what felt good. 

When it was time to sell my home, people were amazed at what they saw and that’s when I really realized that maybe this could be a field that I could dabble in. I’m very passionate about color and making each room different, creating different experiences throughout the house.

Color psycology 

I like to choose soft colors in areas where you are going to relax and vibrant colors where you need the energy most. A lot of people don’t realize that colors can activate us or deactivate us and sometimes, the wrong color in your home can overstimulate you. 


I am a big fan of wall murals, I love putting colors together you wouldn’t expect and sometimes I like to throw art of the walls that can be striking.


To me, accent colors should be interchangeable. That way, if you get tired of a color because it’s too stimulating, you can easily change it out and you don’t have to change the entire room.


Some of my favorite styles are Turkish and Moroccan, but I also love to use people’s heritage to bring out the styles in their home. Big, bright spaces with natural light are my absolute favorite!




Interior design by kira lane

I will be building up my portfolio with more of my work soon so stay tunned!