Amsterdam, Netherlands

The famous Red Light district, where prostitution is legal and men from all areas of the world come to find a little late night entertainment! It can be quite entertaining to watch for the ladies as well!

You know you’ve entered the Red Light district when you see the small posts at the end of the roadways and alley ways with red lights. This is a great place for the socialite, a group of friends, the explorer and where the business traveler can escape their busy work load. A must see for all!

During the day, you can walk the canal, shop and ride bikes through the city and at night, the shops turn into displays of beautiful women from all over, looking to entertain the highest paying gentlemen.

Amsterdam, Netherlands capitol is rich with culture and very diverse! It’s full of history and museums, the home of the famous Anne Frank and beautiful art throughout the city. The night life is very vibrant with local bars playing some of the best music and cannabis coffee shops open til late hours of the night.

They say that Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities and while I was there, I found that to be true. You will find a large majority of Afro-Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch all throughout the city. Almost all of the people in the city speak English and you will run in to people visiting from all over the world!

My favorite thing to do in Amsterdam is rent a bike and ride through the city! You will find a steady stream of bicyclists almost everywhere you go and they take bike lane courtesy very seriously! If you block the lane, you will hear multiple bicyclists honking at you to move your ass out of the way! You will also see two-seat micro cars and scooters everywhere you go!

Public Transportation was also very easy to understand, catch, and seemed to run almost all night long! I will definitely visit Amsterdam again and this is a great place for families to visit. I wasn’t too impressed with the food in Amsterdam, but when you go, make sure you find yourself a Stoopwafel to try and don’t forget, no taking pictures of the girls in the Red Light District, because its ILLEGAL!! Send me a picture of you in the yellow Clog Shoe and win a featured story on my page or one of many other prizes I will be giving away! Send photo to: