The green in this painting represents growth and signifies renewal. 


The gold above the eyes represents success. Gold has been known to represent achievement and triumph for centuries.


According to, many company brands use orange to convey a message of positivity. The color Orange is also attention-grabbing when combined with blue and green tones. Revealing one’s true self can be uneasy, let the orange be a reminder that being who you truly are without a mask is a beautiful thing.


The design is a mask that is crumbling and slightly mechanical which represents the robotic state society tries to place us in. We often have to wear a mask and uphold a character who isn’t truly who we are just to please those in the work place and all around us. This painting is a representation of breaking away from all of it and being who we truly are.


The name Blossom comes from the Japanese Cherry Blossoms painted on the side which is a symbol of blossoming after the mask is removed. In Japanese Folklore, the Cherry blossoms symbolize both death and birth, death and violence.


Message to Buyer

After having the pleasure of meeting you, I realized this painting went to the right home! We all have had to wear a mask and when I spoke of the meaning behind this painting, you understood exactly where I was coming from. This painting wasn’t meant for someone in the midst of breaking free, it was meant for someone who has already broken away from being afraid to be who they are.

Let this painting be a reminder of your internal growth and may you see nothing, but success in your future. (Hence the gold above the eyes)!


This piece was sold as an original and there are no current prints circulating.

Sale date and owner

February 19th, 2023

Buyer: Scott. E

estimated worth


Expected to increase yearly.

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