The red in this painting represents strength, power, courage and victory! In Native American culture, warriors and chiefs painted their faces to evoke spiritual protection.


The bronze in this painting represents maturity and growth. The color red can sometimes strike emotions of anger, but the warm presence of bronze is there to remind you of your growth. Bronze has soothing and uplifting psychological affects on one’s mood.


The lions mane is painted in a Mosaic style pattern that first began as a design I would draw to relieve stress. I decided to paint the lions mane to represent the chaos that sometimes goes on around us. The lions face is painted red as a reminder that no matter the chaos, you must stay strong.


Baron derives from the Hebrew language meaning, “Young Warrior”. We were all born as young warriors, it’s up to us to recognize our strength as we grow and face many challenges.

Message to buyer

Let this painting be a reminder to stay strong and embrace your inner warrior no matter what you face.  Even when theres nothing but chaos going on around you, don’t let it strike your emotions and trigger your anger. You are a strong and powerful warrior and can make it through any battle life puts you through! 

This painting also represents the spiritual protection you have around you. When you look at this painting, I want it to not only remind you that you have the courage to be victorious in whatever you do, but you are also protected!


In the beard of the lion, you will notice a slightly raised texture. After painting Baron, I decided to paint his beard a different way. While doing so, I thought I ruined the painting and almost chalked it up as a loss. I sat for day’s fixing it, sanding it and re-painting not only the beard, but the mosaic pieces around it. I was able to bring him back which ads to your message:

In life, in the midst of all battles, sometimes we lose a part of ourselves. With focus and dedication you can always re-build and bring it back no matter what it is whether it is financial, emotional or physical. Baron truly has a battle wound, but it made him very special and he has been everyone’s favorite! Your battle wounds are a part of your growth. Embrace them.


This piece was sold as an original. This piece has also been printed on other products such as clothing and playing cards.

sale date and owner

February 20th, 2023

Buyer: Master Rob L.

Estimated worth


Expected to increase yearly.

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