The green in this painting represents peace, rest and security.


The gold around the puzzle pieces represents success and the ability to manage the chaos around you. Gold has been known to represent achievement and triumph for centuries.




The design is a woman with a green and blue face with puzzle pieces as hair, eyebrows and mouth. Saint’s nose is absent. The inspiration for Saint fame from the story of St. Anthony of Padua. Saint Anthony focused on the nose as a symbol of discernment and wrote that the nose of the soul is the virtue of discretion. The puzzle around the face represents our life being confusing at times, leaving us puzzled. The color green is known to evoke feelings of peace, rest and security which is often why people are invited to wait in a “green room” before going on camera in order to assist in calming one’s nerves. 


The name Saint comes from Saint Anthony of Padua.


Message to Buyer

Whenever you are feeling lost and/or puzzled in different situations life brings you, stop and take a look at this painting.

Let this painting be a reminder to remain calm and relaxed knowing that no matter what the situation is, the outcome can and will be a success! focus on your ability to judge the situation and sharpen your perception in order to see things clearly or reach out to your spirit guides for more clarity.

You don’t have to be Catholic to learn from Saint Anthony, but he was known as the patron saint of lost things. The puzzle in this painting represents us sometimes feeling lost, but just like a puzzle, all things can be put back together again!


This piece was sold as an original and there are no current prints circulating.

Sale date and owner

March 21st, 2023

Buyer: Natasha H.

estimated worth


Expected to increase yearly.

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