It is said that the color blue often represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, stability and intelligence. According to verywellmind.com, certain colors can evoke different moods and feelings. Research has also shown that colors have a psychological effect on us and can alter our behavior. Blue is a calming, non-threatening color that can call to mind feelings of calmness and relaxation.

One of the reasons it’s good to choose to paint an accent wall in your home instead of an entire room the same color is because too much of one color can over stimulate you. Too much blue can cause feelings of sadness.


Also, according to verywellmind.com, red provokes the strongest emotions of any color. While blue is peaceful, red has the most emotional associations than any other color! It is linked to passion, love and power, but can also bring forth anger. Too much red can over stimulate you, bring forth feelings of danger and make you feel like something is wrong.

While blue can cause your energy levels to simmer down, red can cause your energy levels to spike.


The design on the vase represents internal chaos. The Dahlia flowers represent dignity. The gold and purple within the design represent royalty.


This piece was titled “Harmoni” because when everything is flowing together within us, we can truly find complete harmony. We will never be able to completely eliminate internal chaos, but we can learn how to manage it well and get it to flow smoothly within us.

Message to buyer

We all experience internal chaos, but no matter what, you must always keep your dignity. You have to remind yourself that no matter how much internal and/or external chaos you experience, you are always worthy of honor and respect! You are royalty! Uphold your sense of pride, no matter your circumstances, because you are very well worth it and I hope this painting reminds you everyday!

Constantly remind yourself that you just need an even balance of:

Relaxation to calm the power and just enough power to not get complacent in your relaxation.

Keeping your passion and love alive and healthy will calm the sadness. 

Thank you for welcoming me in to your home!


This piece was sold as an original and there are no current prints circulating. 

Sale date and owner

February 19th, 2023

Buyer: Stewert

estimated worth


Expected to increase yearly.

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