The beginning of your next level journey

The Cambridge English dictionary describes the term “Next Level” as a better, more advanced, or more successful situation than before. The problem is that a lot of us just don’t know where to begin in order to reach our next level of potential. A lot of us want to make significant changes in our lives, chase our dreams, advance in our careers, start our own business and improve our relationships, but lack the motivation to really take those first steps towards achieving what we desire. 

What is holding you back from reaching your next level? It could be: fear of failure, fear of success, self – doubt, fear of judgement or a number of things holding you back. You are not alone. There are a number of people in this world who have dedicated their lives to helping you overcome obstacles that may be standing in the way of you reaching your next level. 

Back when my grandparents were growing up, they used to say that “it takes a village to raise a child”. This originated from an African proverb and meant that it was the responsibility of the entire village to look after all of the children and it was not just the parents responsibility to look after them. It meant that the entire community of people were responsible for creating a safe, healthy environment for children so that they could flourish and be able to realize their hopes and dreams. 

The definition of raise in verb form is “to lift to a higher position or level” and when you raise a child, the parent doesn’t just stop raising them when they turn 18. They are usually there to provide love and support for the rest of that childs life. As a community, we should be looking out for one another, lifting each other up and providing a safe space for everyone to realize and chase their hopes and dreams. It shouldn’t just stop at children. We should be helping each other, inspiring each other and lifting each other up. 


“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” – Booker T. Washington




Nourishment is necessary for growth, health and remaining in good condition. Nourishing ourselves doesn’t begin and end with food. In fact, the dictionary states that nourishment is food or other substances necessary for growth. So if you think of nourishment as something you need in order for something to grow than why aren’t we taking time to nourish our dreams, mental state, emotional state and spiritual state?

Some may ask, how do you nourish your dreams, mental state and emotional state? It’s easy to see that prayer and practicing faith can be a way to nourish your spiritual state, but how do we nourish our minds?

It all leads back to your community. 

Community doesn’t have to be taken in a literal sense such as your neighbor or the people who live on your block. Your community is, the people you surround yourself with, those you have a fellowship with and groups of people that share common interests with you. 

Are the people in the community you have created for yourself creating a safe place for you to flourish? Are they encouraging you to reach for that next level of success or are they skeptical of your potential?

One way you can provide nourishments for your dreams, mental state, emotional state and spiritual state is to seek out those people who are dedicating their lives to helping you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. 

Maybe you need to change your community. 

Pastors are great examples of those who have dedicated their lives to helping you grow. This article is not about religion, but as I work on my own spiritual growth, I have added a few pastors to my community. One of them being TD Jakes and the other is R.C Blakes. 

One thing I learned from TD Jakes is that there are some people who cannot go to your next level with you. This is why it’s very important for you to take a good look at the people around you and analyze if they are helping you grow or helping you hold yourself back. 

Some people only know you for the level you have been on and don’t believe you have what it takes or can’t see you reaching a higher level. Some people don’t have the confidence within themselves to reach higher levels therefore, how could they possibly see you reaching a higher level?

Yes, as a community, we want to help each other rise, but sometimes in order for you to rise, you need to step away from those who aren’t willing to do the inner work necessary to make necessary changes in their lives to reach their own next level. 

Leading by example is a great way to show them that it’s possible, but sometimes in order to break free from whatever is holding you back, you need to surround yourself with only those who inspire you.


your assignment

For the next few weeks, I want you to take a good look at the people inside of the community that you have built for yourself. Are these people providing you a safe place for you to flourish or are they being pessimistic of your growth?

Next, I want you to add some people to your community who have dedicated their lives to helping others grow. You may not personally get to meet them, but listening to their perspectives on growth will help inspire you and help you regain your motivation to reach or push harder for those things that you desire in life.

Your assignment is to seek our five inspirational people to add to your community who will provide you a daily dose of inspiration. I say five because I would never suggest anyone to follow the beliefs of just one person. It’s good to hear different perspectives, relayed in many different ways. 

Listening to different perspectives may help you see things from different angles or one person may explain something easier than the other. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s perspective either. You take what resinates with you and switch to the next.

 A few favorites that I have added to my community who have dedicated their lives to helping others overcome obstacles that hold them back and who have helped provide me with the nourishment I need to help keep me motivated and inspired are:

Pastors such as T.D Jakes and R.C Blakes.

Inspirational speakers such as Abraham Hicks and Teal Swan.

Clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula and Life coach Stephanie Lyn.

Spiritual nourishment

Explore what you believe and why you believe it. Religion can impact the way you see the world. Make sure that what you believe in really resinates with your heart.

Mental nourishment

Treat yourself with kindness and avoid being your own worst enemy at all costs. Taking care of your body physically can help improve your mental state. Learn to quiet your mind when needed and learn different ways to manage stress.

emotional nourishment

Remember that how you feel is valid. Make connections with others who inspire you to stay positive. Find a way to keep yourself emotionally grounded and seek help from a licensed therapist if you feel like what your dealing with is too much to handle.




“You’ve got to Nourish to Flourish”.




“Kirazlane Inc would like to be apart of the community you are building for yourself because we are dedicated to helping others reach their next level.”

– kira lane


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