HEAling your inner child with travel

 When you are hurting and you seek healing for the soul, I would recommend that you try every avenue possible to find comfort and help. I can’t tell you the things a psychologist can, such as why you feel the way you do, but I can share with you some of the things that has helped me stay strong through some very trying times.

One thing about me is, I am always smiling. Smiling is the greatest of all masks but underneath this smile lies a lot of broken pieces that I’ve had to pick up and put back together. I feel like I possess a tremendous amount of internal strength and it’s something I’d like to share with the world in hopes that I can inspire others to be just as strong.

They say that how we react to issues in our adult life is a result of things we experienced as a child. If that is true, then we cannot be happy until we address our unwanted actions which can be anger, anxiety, sadness or fear. Whether you attempt to address it on your own or with a counselor, either way it’s something you should do and here is how you can use travel to help you heal.


  1. Take a trip to your home town. Visit all the places you used to visit as a child, the neighborhood you grew up in, the school you went to, the corner store you and your friends used to walk to or the park where you used to play with your friends. You may even still live where you grew up and if so, take a day to visit those places. Try to relive some of those happy memories you had as a child. Go to those places and have a heart to heart with your inner child.
  2. Take your inner child on a trip around the world! During these travels, it’s very important that you nurture yourself and care for yourself as if you are a child that are were responsible for. It’s important that you embrace these travels in a healthy way and stay away from toxic behaviors while healing. 
  3. There are many retreats around the world that offer spiritual healing. Sedona, Arizona and Thailand are known for having some of the best retreats that help tread depression, anxiety, anger and pain. Some of these places even specialize in inner child workings.
  4. Taking a trip itself can help you connect with your inner child. To be completely away from all responsibilities for a week or two can allow you to do childlike things. One of my favorite things to do is to go to a new place and rent a bike. I will ride that bike for 12 hours or more non stop, with my hair in the wind and not a care in the world.
  5. Maybe even a good old fashioned trip to Disney Land or a famous theme park can help you get in touch with your inner child to create more childlike memories. Take a long time friend from school with you so you can reminisce on the things you guys used to laugh about as children.

Which ever you choose to do, it’s important that you get away and spend some alone time with your inner child. Taking a trip can be the best time to do that! Go somewhere that is completely relaxing or somewhere where you can be a kid again, but remember in order for it to help you heal as an adult, it must be free from all things that are toxic. 


Kira Lane

“The cry we hear from deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain is the key to transforming anger, sadness and fear.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


Rome, Italy

Rome was a very high tourist area and they may say that Rome wasn’t built in a day but it definitely feels like you can walk the entire city all in one day. If you stay near the Colosseum, you will be within walking distance from almost all of the great attractions.

If you are an explorer, this is a great place for you! Learning the history of Rome and visiting the ancient ruins, the Colosseum, the famous fountains and all of the museums will fill your itinerary for days.

Some of the world’s iconic fragrances originate from Italy and everywhere you go in Rome, everyone smells so good! I also saw some of the best dressed people while I was in Rome so if you are in to fashion, this is the place to see it!

At night time, a lot of the buildings light up and some of them display holographic images on the buildings. It’s very beautiful and romantic during the evening.

My favorite part of Italy was walking through the small cobblestone roadways that wind in and around the buildings. There are a lot of outdoor restaurants outside of the buildings and along the cobblestone roadways. 

The transit system is very advanced in Italy, you can easily hop on a bus or train and travel through the city very easily so renting a car isn’t necessary. You do need to take precautions and protect yourself against pick pocketing though and a lot of people will try to sell you fake tickets to different attractions. They will tell you that if you don’t buy a ticket that you will end up standing in long lines for over an hour. You don’t need to purchase tickets to see a lot of the attractions so keep in mind that a lot of the ticket sales on the street are scams.  Send me a picture of you with the Colosseum in the background and you could win a featured story on my page or one of many other prizes I will be giving away! Send photo to: Inspiration@kirazlane.com

Unfortunately, when my cousin and I visited Rome, we ended up getting pick pocketed and we spent almost our entire last day searching for the Police stations and the American Embassy to get a passport replacement. To learn about ways to protect yourself against this or to learn what to do if this happens, please read my blog on “Emergency Tips” and “Safety Tips”. 



The U.S. has many beautiful cities but if you are coming to the U.S. for the first time or if you are from the U.S. and want to get out and see something new, I recommend visiting one of these five cities. Everyone should have the opportunity to visit these five cities at least once in their life time! I chose these five, because they are full of life, full of great experiences and will allow you to explore until your heat is content. 


The city of Chicago is definitely a city to see if you are an explorer! It’s also a great place for Business Travelers, especially if you are looking for conference rooms or places to hold company meetings! The city’s the north side, south side, west side and downtown all seem like they are separate cities of their own. Chicago is a great place to visit during the summer due to all of the events that take place, I call Chicago the “City of Festivals”. During the summer you can experience, the Taste of Chicago, the rib fest, beer fest, Puerto Rican fest, Greek, fest, Polish fest, the Pilsen fest, a House Music fest, Caribbean fest, Sangria fest, African fest, Reggae fest, Gelato fest, Hot Dog fest, Thai food fest, Polonia fest, North Coast music fest, and Riot fest just to name a few. 

The Chicago River is also a sight to see with many things to do. After you walk and shop on the Magnificent Mile, make sure you head over to the Riverwalk to walk along the Chicago River that runs through the center of Chicago. I suggest taking an Architecture tour which sounds boring but is actually really interesting. The best time to take a water tour is at night when all of the buildings are lit up.  There’s also a few dinner cruises, cocktail cruises and boat club cruises you can take on the water that are well worth the time and money. 

Chicago is a great place for the foodie who loves to taste different types of food. Chicago’s Chinatown, Greektown, and Ukrainian Village can offer many new foods for the foodie not to mention all of the Polish, Italian, Mexican, Irish and Jamaican restaurants that are also all throughout Chicago. When you visit Chicago, make sure you make your way to one of the roof top restaurants or bars that sit on top many of the cities beautiful sky rises and one of the best views can be seen from driving along Lake Shore Drive at night time which wraps itself around the cities downtown loop area.

#2. Manhattan, New York 

The Big Apple is another place you do not want to miss if you are an explorer and another great place for the Business Traveler! If your a die hard people watcher, this is the place for you! One whole day can be spent just walking the streets of downtown Manhattan. Broadway shows, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Chinatown, SoHo, Koreatown, the Bronx Zoo, Central Park and the Botanical Garden are just a few things to see and experience while you are in New York!

Manhattan will be your starting point because there are so many places to go. When I’m in New York, I like to get on the train and visit different neighborhoods, this place is one of the most diverse places I’ve ever been to. This is also a great place for shopping and fashion, you may even be able to find a few fashion shows to attend while you are in the city. If your a person who loves music, you can find many different music festivals that take place in this city as well.

Manhattan is a great place for fine dinning and is well known for its Manhattan Clam Chowder and New York style Cheesecake so make sure you try both of them. The street food can also be quite tasty along with the flavorful Italian ice that you can find on many corners in the city. 


San Francisco is a very beautiful city with some of the steepest hills you will ever see. The city also has old style cable cars that travel through the streets that are very cool to see and ride on. I wouldn’t recommend renting a bike in this city unless you have some really strong thighs but you will definitely want to rent a bike to travel across the Golden State Bridge. 

San Francisco is also another dream vacation for a foodie, especially a Vegan or Vegetarian foodie! I would also recommend a day trip to Alcatraz Island and the Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco has some of the best Seafood restaurants and wine tasting locations on the West Coast. A trip to the Redwoods can also be very eye pleasing. 

One of the things I like about San Francisco is that it’s very calm, even in the downtown region. You don’t hear as much honking inside the city as you would in Chicago or New York. This is a great place for the vacationer who loves to explore a little and relax. You can also visit Oakland which is just a 30 minute drive away but a lot of crime happens in Oakland so I would take precautions while visiting different parts of Oakland.

#4. Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s time to dress your best and hit the town when you visit Las Vegas! The nightlife is the highlight of the city with it’s many clubs and casino’s that you can explore. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that you will NEVER be bored! Almost all of the casino’s are connected to hotels so there’s many different places to stay. I like to stay in Old town Las Vegas because you can get a nice place for half the price. Another great way to visit Las Vegas is to take a group of friends and rent out one of the many beautiful Mansions Vegas has to offer with a swimming pool. 

Cirque du Soleil can be a little pricy but they put on some of the best shows! Vegas also has Comedy Clubs, Magic shows, helicopter tours, a wax museum where you can take pictures with Your favorite stars and more.

I’m not big on gambling but if you are looking to gamble, there’s no shortage of places to go, Vegas casinos are truly some of the best casinos. The Venetian is one of my favorites and the Gondola ride inside of the Venetian is pretty cool as well! If your a people watcher, you can just walk the strip and be entertained by all of the people who come to visit from all over the world and if you find the time, make sure you go on a Grand Canyon Tour.

#5. The Island of Maui, Hawaii

Maui is the vacationer’s paradise! The best part about Maui are the beaches and views, this is one of the most relaxing places inside of the U.S. If you love being on the water, this is the place for you! This can also be a great place for the Adventurer who likes to zip line, hike, ski and deep sea dive. You also don’t have to go far to snorkel and you can see large sea turtles and dolphins from any sea shore. 

This is a great place for a photographer looking to take beautiful pictures of nature and I loved taking public transportation around the city. Horseback riding and live luau’s are also big in Maui so make sure you do both. 

This is one of the best places to rent a condo on the beach and be lazy or go explore the many waterfalls this place has waiting for you to see. The Hawaiian culture is a very beautiful culture with a lot of music and dancing. The food is amazing, some of the freshest ingredients can be found in Hawaiian cuisine. Pineapple, coconut, papaya and mango can also be found in many dishes and roasted pig is very big in Hawaii. If you have the chance to order “The Hawaiian Plate”, make sure you do, if you are a meat eater, you won’t  be disappointed!


This concludes my list of the “Top five best U.S cities for tourist” but by no means are these the only cities in the U.S that are great. The U.S has a lot of great cities but anyone who is new to the U.S or who doesn’t get out and travel much, should definitely put these five at the top of their list.


Safety Tips

Being safe is a decision you have to consciously make for yourself. I can’t guarantee that unfortunate events wont happen to you, but the goal is to minimize the chances of them happening. 

“A culture of safety is a journey, not a destination. It requires our continuing diligence” -Terry J. Moulton

Kira lane

Creative Director

Travel Safety Strategy 

Having the right  travel safety strategies will minimize unfortunate events from happening to you. A lot of people like to take short cuts and disregard taking safety precautions, but you really should take the time to develop good solid travel safety strategies in order to keep you from having to deal with headaches. Below are eight strategies I like to practice while traveling.


back up identification

You never know what your travel journey has in store for you, so just make sure that you are on the safe side. When it comes to identification, make sure that you have extra copies of EVERYTHING!! You can also take pictures of your passport and/or identification/drivers license. I also keep a copy with someone back in the US who can forward it to me in case all of my items are lost or stolen.


currency Tips

A lot of the hostels and hotels you visit will have safes for you to lock up your personal belongings. Leave copies of your passport and drivers license in the hotel and take your passport with you. It’s another good idea to leave most of your money in the hotel and only take with you what you think you may need for that day only. Take a combination of credit and cash and have $500-$1000 emergency money set aside on one of the cards, in case you need an emergency hotel, flight ticket or passport replacement. No matter how much you decide to take with you for the day, break it up and put it in different locations. You can put half of it in your wallet and the other half in a hidden compartment, bra, sock or secret pocket. You can also leave emergency money back home with someone you trust. If your stuff is stolen, they can wire it to you through Moneygram or Western Union.


protecting your items

If you love taking pictures, you aren’t going to be able to hide the fact that you are a tourist, but what you don’t want to do is bring extra attention to yourself. From experience, I’ve learned that passport holders have the ability to be your worst enemy. Some passport holders have anti-theft RFID blockers in them that prevent thieves from being able to scan your information from a distance which is good, but you don’t want a big bright colored passport holder that says “PASSPORT” on the front of it. If you must have a passport holder, get a thin one that still allows you to place your passport in your bra, or carry around your neck which will lessen the chances of someone stealing it from you.


Securing your bags

Distracting you and pick-pocketing you are two of the most common ways people will steal from you. Especially if you are backpacking and carrying your bags around with you 80% of the time, you really want to make sure that your bags are secure. One way I have seen people protect their bag is by using zip ties. Zip ties make it so that it’s not easy to open your bag while you are not looking or while its on your back. Some people will also cut the bottom of your bag so that your important items will fall out, then they can retrieve them and run. Make sure your most important items and/or small items are towards the top or nearest your body. If possible, when purchasing a bag, see if you can find a slash-proof backpack.


Ask the cost up front

People will try to sell you things on the street so make sure you ask the cost up front. This also applies for Cabs, it’s a good idea to always have the address of where you are going with you and ask your cab driver upfront what the cost will be. This allows you to determine whether they are overcharging you from the beginning or not. Especially if you do not speak their language or understand their monetary system well, you can be targeted and taken advantage of.


Do your research

Research what parts of the city have the highest reports of crime, then stay away from that area unless there is a tourist site there that you must see. I try to stay away from tourist areas because they can be prime locations for thieves. You can also ask the locals which areas you should stay away from and most of the time, they will tell you.


Post at the end of the day

I always post where I’ve gone instead of where I’m going. You never know who is watching your every move, so just to be on the safe side, it’s better to post at the end of the day, after you’ve already visited the places you want to see. You don’t want to advertise where you are going and become a target.


Buy from REPUTABLE sources 

I never buy tickets or packages from people on the street. Some of them can be reputable, but it can also be challenging to try to figure out the real from the fake. I like to read reviews from other people before I make purchases. There are a lot of scams out there that I’d like to do my best to avoid, so doing your research can literally pay off! Stay tuned because pretty soon I will be recommending the best places to buy tours and activities from, but until then, DO YOUR RESEARCH!


Stolen or lost passport

How you handle an emergency situation while out of the country has a lot to do with how prepared you are. What will you do if you lose your passport or get pick pocketed? My cousin and I were in Rome and we learned the hard way. It was the day before we were supposed to fly from Rome to Germany, when we decided to take the train around for our very last day in Rome. We purchased tickets and stood in line to catch the train. When the train arrived, a large group of teens boarded the train and then turned around and got off the train. Something didn’t feel right because everyone was in a rush, but we couldn’t figure out what was wrong and continued. Halfway to our destination, my cousin realized that her passport and wallet had been taken right out of her purse.  

What do you do if this happens? Before you travel to any new city, make sure you know where to go to get a temporary passport. I like to get the address of every American Embassy in each city, but not every city will have an American Embassy, so make sure you know how to get a temporary passport in each city you stay in. Most places will charge about $250 US Dollars to give you a temporary passport so make sure you have that set aside in case it happens to you. If your passport becomes stolen or lost, make sure you go straight to the police station to file a police report, because that will help you when trying to get a temporary passport. 


The US Government provides us with many different travel alerts and warnings. I like to check them before I chose to travel to a new location. They will tell you what places are safe and what places are not safe for Americans to travel to. It will also tell you other information, such as what crimes are taking place in the city you are visiting, so make sure to click below and check the travel advisories before you book your trip!

Travel Advisories



If you need the police while you are in another country, you will want to know how to call them. Not every country uses 911 to call for help, so make sure you know how to call them if needed. I have provided a short list of emergency numbers listed below.


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Kira lane

Creative Director

DIAL 112 in:

All of Europe



South America & CARIBBEAN Islands

Brazil 190

Chile 133

Colombia 123

Cuba 106

Guyana 999

Haiti 114

Jamaica 119

Trinidad 999


Afghanistan 119

Bangladesh 999

Cambodia 117

China 110

Hong Kong 999

India 100/112

Indonesia 110

Iran 110

Iraq 112 or 911

Israel 100

Japan 110

Korea 110/112

Lebanon 999/112

Maldives 999

Malaysia 999

Mongolia 105

Nepal 100

Pakistan 15/115

Singapore 999

Sri Lanka 119

Thailand 191/911

Arab Emirates 999

Uzbekistan 102

Vietnam 113

Yemen 194

Dial 911 in:






Cayman Islands

Costa Rica

Dominican Republic


El Salvador



North America




Puerto Rico

Saudi Arabia




Cartagena, Colombia

Very few Americans are visiting Colombia due to it’s history of corrupt government, drug-trafficking and crime, but the days of Pablo Escobar and corrupt government are long over. In fact Colombia has signed a peace agreement that promises to bring an end to corruption.

If your looking for a place to celebrate a birthday, or special occasion with family or friends, then this is the place! I recommend taking a group of friends or celebrating your bachelor or bachelorette party here! This place is the socialites dream vacation with lots of music and dancing.

African slavery was one of the most profitable businesses in Cartagena de las Indias back in the day. Despite the cities traumatic past, because of it’s past, the city is full of both Spanish and African culture. African food, art and music can be experienced throughout the city. If you go out at night time, I recommend going to a Club that plays Champeta music. Champeta music originated among inhabitants of African descendants in Cartagena.

The people of Cartagena are very social and humble. Even though Cartagena has beautiful beaches and many different cities you can visit, I wouldn’t recommend it for the Vacationer. This is a very social place, you will not be able to walk the city without people talking to you, singing to you and dancing for you. The people in Cartagena love to interact with you and there can be times when it becomes slightly overwhelming, but as long as you are a social person yourself, you will be fine! I took this opportunity to get to learn the culture and practice my Spanish.

You can stay in one of many condo’s that sit along the coast of Bocagrande, or find a nice Hostel in the neighborhood of Getsemani. Whichever you choose, they aren’t far from each other and I highly recommend visiting both area’s. Bocagrande has some of the best seafood restaurants and Getsemani has some of the best tourist sites such as the Walled city, the walking tour of Calle Angosto and Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas.

You can also take a city tour bus that offers live music, free alcohol and takes you to get some of the best street food in the city. While in Cartagena, don’t forget to take a trip to the grocery store where you can get some of the freshest produce I’ve ever seen. No matter where you get food from in Cartagena, it all seems to be pretty fresh!

My only recommendation is to make sure you can speak basic Spanish, or take someone with you who does. Learning the money was one of my favorite things to do, being that $800 in American Currency converted to almost $3 Million in Colombian Pesos, but it can be quite confusing in the beginning. If you aren’t careful, you could be taken advantage of if you do not understand the money.


Barcelona, Spain

The famous Park Guell,  sits high on a hill top and is definitely a site to see, with it’s beautiful gardens and interesting architect. You can tour the tiny stairwells of the two buildings that sit inside the park and then look out over the city when you get to the top.

If you’re looking for exercise while your traveling, Barcelona is a great place with all the hills and stairwells that sit at various locations throughout the city. After you leave the park, you can walk to the famous La Sagrada Familia Church that is only a short walk away.

Barcelona has breathtaking views and will steal your heart as soon as you make it to the top of any hill! Barcelona also has some very beautiful beaches, so make sure your ready to spend at least one of your days at the beach! This place is definitely for the vacationer!

Catalan cuisine is very delicious, so make sure you stop at one of the restaurants near the water and try the Seafood Paella, if you are a seafood lover, you wont be disappointed! While in Barcelona, make sure you also visit Mercado de La Boqueria, in the Cuidad Vieja district, which is just one of many markets that are in the city! The markets are the best place to get souvenirs to take back home.

My favorite part of Barcelona was the experience of staying in someones home. A lot of people in Barcelona have turned their homes into mini hotels that you can stay in. Staying in someones home gives you an advantage because they love that you’re there to experience their great city and they want you to experience everything that makes them love their city! It was also much better staying near the locals than staying with the tourists and it felt much safer.

The streets can be a little confusing to navigate through at times and it’s easy to get lost, but a lot of the people speak English and even if they don’t, they are willing to help point you in the right direction, as long as you have the address of where you are going on hand!  Send me a picture of you with Guell Park in the background and you could win a featured story on my page or one of many other prizes I will be giving away! Send photo to: Inspiration@kirazlane.com


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The famous Red Light district, where prostitution is legal and men from all areas of the world come to find a little late night entertainment! It can be quite entertaining to watch for the ladies as well!

You know you’ve entered the Red Light district when you see the small posts at the end of the roadways and alley ways with red lights. This is a great place for the socialite, a group of friends, the explorer and where the business traveler can escape their busy work load. A must see for all!

During the day, you can walk the canal, shop and ride bikes through the city and at night, the shops turn into displays of beautiful women from all over, looking to entertain the highest paying gentlemen.

Amsterdam, Netherlands capitol is rich with culture and very diverse! It’s full of history and museums, the home of the famous Anne Frank and beautiful art throughout the city. The night life is very vibrant with local bars playing some of the best music and cannabis coffee shops open til late hours of the night.

They say that Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities and while I was there, I found that to be true. You will find a large majority of Afro-Dutch and Moroccan-Dutch all throughout the city. Almost all of the people in the city speak English and you will run in to people visiting from all over the world!

My favorite thing to do in Amsterdam is rent a bike and ride through the city! You will find a steady stream of bicyclists almost everywhere you go and they take bike lane courtesy very seriously! If you block the lane, you will hear multiple bicyclists honking at you to move your ass out of the way! You will also see two-seat micro cars and scooters everywhere you go!

Public Transportation was also very easy to understand, catch, and seemed to run almost all night long! I will definitely visit Amsterdam again and this is a great place for families to visit. I wasn’t too impressed with the food in Amsterdam, but when you go, make sure you find yourself a Stoopwafel to try and don’t forget, no taking pictures of the girls in the Red Light District, because its ILLEGAL!! Send me a picture of you in the yellow Clog Shoe and win a featured story on my page or one of many other prizes I will be giving away! Send photo to: Inspiration@kirazlane.com

North America

Places i’ve visited in North america!

Since I’m from North America, I will have a lot of reviews for you so stay tuned!

North America

The third largest continent

North America is becoming a melting pot with over 550 million different people from all over the world. I was born and raised in a town called Tacoma which is 30 minutes south of Seattle but I now live in one of the largest cities in the United States, Chicago Illinois. 

Not only do I love to travel, but I follow in the footsteps of my great grand-parents who moved throughout the states, calling many different places home. I experienced living in Washington state, Illinois, California, Washington D.C, Maryland and Oregon so when it comes to the States, my reviews will come effortlessly. 

North America has something for everyone whether you are looking for Adventure, a secret get-a-way, different places to explore or a great place to conduct business!

Since I have so many different reviews to cover, it may take me quite some time to finish them all so please make sure to come back and visit soon! It wont be long before they are all posted and ready for you to view! In the meantime, please check out my reviews of Europe and South America.

Places I love to visit in north america


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous 

all photos taken by

Kira Lane – Photographer


South America

Places i visited in south america!

South America, so rich with culture and beautiful scenery! I’ll definitely be going back to see every inch of South America!

South America

the home of amazon RAIN FORESTS

South America is definitely for the socialite and the foodie!! So far, I have only had the opportunity to visit Colombia but all you need is one visit before you are hooked! South America is full of culture, flavor and some of the most colorful attractions!

If you love music and dancing then you are in for a treat because music and dancing is a big part of the culture all over South America. This place has beautiful beaches and a number of water activities that you can take advantage of such as dinner cruises and trips to private beaches. 

I’m excited to share my experiences with you and I will be visiting South America many more times to bring you even more reviews! Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy!

Places I’ve Visited in south america

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that actually makes you richer.” – Unknown

all photos taken by

Kira Lane – Photographer